• Utopia
    Striking & Durable

    Introducing a sophisticated woven collection that looks so
    good you’ll want to use it indoors and out. Infact, we encourage
    you to! Utopia features 100% Bella-Dura® polyolefin and is inherently
    stain resistant, anti-microbial and mildew resistant making it a
    great choice for commercial projects. Choose from one of 18
    color options or mix and match to create a unique look.
  • Outdoor Oasis
    11 New Patterns

    A new and exciting foray into the Outdoor – Indoor
    category. Our Outdoor Oasis Collection is comprised
    of 11 designs each offered in multiple colors ranging from
    plain textures to modern graphics, all crafted with
    Bella-Dura® polyolefin yarn.
  • Copacabana
    Outdoor Faux Leathers

    Bring classic elegance outdoors with our Copacabana Faux Leathers.
    Copacabana exceeds 1 million double rubs and has a built-in
    sunblock (1,400 hours UV resistant) – making it a wise choice
    for small and large outdoor upholstery projects. Copacabana
    is available in 13 vibrant and classic colors.
  • Cassius
    An INCASE Collection

    With a chenille-like texture and bold colors options,
    Cassius is your go-to upholstery fabric when creating a
    striking statement in any room. Cassius’ Crypton INCASE®
    finish will keep your upholstered goods looking fresh.